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How The Group Works

Just a few points to carefully remember!

We request your order by supplying you with a link to a special web page with an oil order form displayed on it!

Once we have requested your order and processed it ready for the price negotiation. We will then ask you to check your order by supplying you with the list we finally give to the supplier. However, it is your responsibility to point out any errors in your order.

Once we have placed the order with the chosen supplier and supplied you with their contact details, in an effort to reduce our administration, it is up to you to follow your order up and ensure your delivery is made.

Different oil companies do things differently! - If you have not been contacted by the chosen oil supplier within four days of us informing you, you should contact them direct, they will have all your details in front of them on their computer. HOWEVER, some oil companies deliver without first contacting you and invoice you later, we will endeavour to let you know about this in the emailed oil price confirmation. We send you all this in an email at the end of the negotiating period.


" The Group has been operating for some 4 plus years now, and we have endevoured to find the right way to operate for the benefit of all. As we find better ways we will make changes ! " Mike Craft