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The Nutley Oil Group  established 2011c. 

The Nutley Oil Group

The group was originally set up by Mike Craft and was formed originally to serve residents of The Orchard a private road in the centre of Nutley East Sussex. The success of this group soon spread around the village and it was extended to all Nutley village residents. We have of since extended it even further in 2017 and now serve an area of about 5 miles out from the centre of Nutley. We have in 2017 also automated the ordering process with an online ordering form hosted on our website. We have always endevoured to get the lowest prices and often beat all other ways of ordering oil. But there are other benefits not always so obvious, that is we are regulating the industry by just being, to put it bluntly, a thorn in their side. Our green credentials are more obvious, we reduce pollution by ordering together and saving on the delivery mileage of the suppliers. This is instead of us all ordering individually and tankers visiting Nutley and it's surrounding area one at a time throughout the whole of the year.

At this point we would like to thank a number of residents who on day one of the group helped by making hand deliveries of order forms, I am sure they know who they are!


Mike Craft (now with a beard and a bit older than the photograph portrays) Originator of the group and keeper of the membership list, data-base, website and the ordering process. 

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"Oil prices are subject to volativety and prices often react to world affairs and market fluctuations. The future of oil could be in doubt with the move to electricity for cars, buses, delivery vehicles and even planes sometime in the future." Mike Craft" 

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